Discover Italian Ice Cream Today – An Old Country Treat

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about Italian ice cream, which is now being sold in more and more areas. If you watch any of the cooking shows on television, you have probably seen at least one show devoted to Italian ice cream. In any event, you can find hundreds of different recipes and websites devoted to gelato on the internet. You may be wondering why all this attention is on an Italian ice cream. When you try it, you will understand. The flavor is rich and the consistency is more dense than regular ice cream. In this article we’re going to point out a lot of the various methods you can use to prepare this amazing versatile dessert.

italian ice cream

Italian ice creams are collectively called gelato which is Italian for frozen. Gelato, actually, is a generic term for many different types of Italian frozen desserts. That’s why you’ll often find conflicting ideas about how authentic gelato should be made. Florence, Italy was the birthplace of gelato over 400 years ago. However, as it began radiating throughout Italy, the recipe became modified. Regional formulations developed. For instance, Sicilians like their gelato to contain milk and fresh cheese with a little vegetable starch mixed in for thickening. The Northern Italians add cream to their recipe. Other preference is whether or not to include eggs in the base recipes, as some people like their gelato with eggs and other don’t. You can discover numerous methods and recipes to prepare gelato. Experiment a little to find the best combination for you. Ice cream can be kept in the freezer for months and retain it’s texture and taste, but this isn’t true of gelato. Your best bet is to eat it within a day of two after you buy it. Since the best gelato is made from fresh ingredients, the flavor can become diminished quite quickly. Also, if ice crystals occur on the gelato, it will change its taste and texture. While freezing it might prevent the ingredients from actually going bad, they won’t taste quite as good after a few days. This can be considered a negative factor because, obviously, true gelato made from fresh ingredients cannot be mass-produced like ice cream. On the bright side, though, gelato will remain a favorite treat to be enjoyed occasionally instead of just a carton in the freezer.

Which is healthier – ice cream or gelato? Compare the ingredients and you can make this decision for yourself. The ingredients for making gelato vary so much that it’s impossible to draw any conclusions about the amount of calories in a normal serving. Sorbets, which are fruit based, are a good alternative to ice cream if you are watching your calorie consumption. Supermarkets usually stock sorbets in the same general area as ice cream and gelato. In general, gelato tends to have fewer calories than American ice cream, simply because it’s made from milk rather than cream. You can also make gelato from soy or yogurt, which would make it even less fattening. Sugar-free gelato is also available for those who have to limit the amount of sugar in their diets.

It’s only been recently that gelato – Italian ice cream – has been discovered worldwide. It would be the rare person, indeed, who can’t find a gelato flavor that appeals to them with all the many choices available. Has your life been without gelato up until now? If so, you owe it to yourself to try some at the very first chance you find.