A Coffee Table For Folks Who Just Love Animals

Most folks living in suburban neighborhoods have them. There’s the living room. And in the middle of it, just in front of the couch, is the coffee table. Sometimes you wonder to yourself why it is called a coffee table seeing as though you are not a coffee drinker. You are more a craft beer drinker. But call it a craft beer table? Doesn’t sound quite right. No, the coffee table is a long-held tradition of the suburban living room.

Of course, it’s an entirely different story in the mansions. You wonder what they call their rooms over there. You wonder why they call this room a drawing room when no one ever goes in there to, well, draw. The workshop’s great. There’s oodles of space to do a little woodcarving. Only you can’t. these guys can. And they do. You love animals, right? These guys like carving them. Not carving them up, you silly hill-billy you, just carving them, creating them.

bear coffee table

You couldn’t bring a live grizzly into your living room even if you tried but you can have a grizzly bear coffee table made up for you. You love your dogs and cats too, most folks still do, but you wonder to yourself how these folks get it right to have their dearly departed pets embalmed and placed somewhere prominent in their living rooms. That’s quite gloomy. It’s spooky even. But you could have a portrait styled coffee table made up instead.

It does not have to be bears, wild cats and canine creatures, it could be faces of famous men and women, folks you really admired over the years. Like a Churchill coffee table, for instance. Or a Lincoln coffee table perhaps. Trump table? For sure.