Yee-ha! Belts kids will wear!

Kids western belts

Two, three, four-year olds, you try snapping them on. At this age, you don’t really need to. In fact, they say you shouldn’t. Not at this age. Could cause problems. Curious kids, they love to fiddle. And fiddle with their belts, they will try. The toughies amongst this crew might even get it right. And, not so tough, might even end up choking themselves. Just saying. No, kids this age are usually wearing little trousers with loose fitting comfy garters to keep things up.

Five, six, seven, eight, who do we appreciate. Thank you mom. Thank you dad. Thanks for thinking of me this way. You know how much I love them. Kids western belts, these are for the kids that really love their cowboys and crooks. Not so much the injuns, these days, that’s become a bit of a sensitive hot potato.

Almost said, not that these boys and girls would have noticed, but then again, not, you see how quickly kids this age pick things up. If they haven’t picked it up from their moms and dads and next-door neighbors, they’ve probably gathered the info from the TV. Oh, why do folks allow their small kids to stay up so late to watch TV.

Well, to watch their cartoons and their favorite superheroes, belts for that lot too. Yee-haa! These are belts the kids would really love to wear. Because try pulling on formal alts and see how quickly they squirm and turn their heads the other way and wriggle their way outa your reach. Slippery, like the elastic or ant man. Anyhow, if you’re going to get belts for the kids, you may as well get the real leather.

And remember, it’s not to tan their hides with. It’s for them to wear, darnit.