Hunting Wild Boar In Italy

In Italy, boar hunting is an ancient sport that comes with a rich tradition that is quintessential to their cultural identity. Every year in September, Italians search the hills and woods of Tuscany to find the legendary il cinghiale. Legend has it, ancient Greek sailors once found so many of them on a small island, they named it Kapros, which is Greek for boar. However, the Italians now call it Capri.

The boars are gone from Capri today, but they continue to wander the hills of Tuscany. Tuscans will tell you that their boar tastes best because it feasts on the chestnuts that grow in the forest. To the Italians, boar hunting of the nobility is what fox hunting is to the British ruling class; that is, an ancient tradition that lives to this day and reaffirms cultural identity. Even in The Godfather, Part II, Umberto talks about learning to hunt game as a boy in East Africa, and he speaks about the traditions of boar hunting in Italy.

wild boar hunting

Know Your Prey

Boars are omnivores that will gorge on almost anything from nuts to worms to small game. In addition, they can smell food from far away, and they can sense predators from long distances. Meaning that a freshly showered and shaved hunter will be a dead give away. Both boar genders have vicious upper and lower tusks that they sharpen on rocks and trees, and if injured they can easily gore a dog and rip open the groin of a hunter. When boars are injured, they will always run downhill to conserve energy and search for water. They will drink from it and soak in the mud, which acts like a natural band-aid. While bears and wolves disappeared from the region, experts have estimated the Tuscan boar population at 150,000. Even despite killing 30,000 from the herd each year, hunters hardly put a dent in the population. Female boars are fiercely productive and produce four to 13 piglets twice per year.

The Boar Hunting Season in Italy

From the first Sunday in September to the end of February, hunters can bag a wild boar, and Italy has one of the highest percentage of hunters with respect to its population. More than 70 percent of Italy’s 800,000 registered hunters live in Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria. Hunting in Italy has become more a way of life than a hobby. Why hunt the boar? Apart from the delightful flavor, wild boars cause insane amounts of damage to vineyards, gardens and trees. Without culling the herd, they have become overpopulated, and since the wolf vanished from Tuscany, the wild boar have thrived to unprecedented levels. At one point, the wild boar were nearly wiped from the hills of Tuscany, but they made a comeback when the wild boar mixed with the domestic pig, creating a hybrid boar, which produces four to 10 offspring at each pregnancy.

Using A Rangefinder To Aid Your Boar Hunt

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Mother Boars with Young

When mothers have young, they can become aggressive if challenged. While wild boars tend to be shy, you do not want to corner them. They may start to grunt at you. If they begin to pace or paw the ground, bolt to the nearest tree quick. Do not bother running. Boars run as fast as a dog and can run you down easily. However, the best thing to do is avoid getting near a wild boar in the first place. Shoot them from a distance.

Wild boar meat is a game-tastish version of pork. It is usually a little tough and needs to be stewed, and if you shoot a male boar, you need to remove its testicles immediately, or the hormones will infuse with the flesh and create an unpleasant taste. Hunting pigs in the wild as opposed to a fenced preserve is a different experience. Those living in the wild are more difficult to kill, and the firearms used are strictly shotguns.