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You always liked drumming before. You remember the day at school as clearly as if it were yesterday. The memory is so vivid, it never left you. After all these years, you have maintained your passion for the percussions aspects of music. Back then, you had no idea. All you knew was that you were eyeing the drums the whole time. And yet your teacher, well-meaning and all, presented you with a pair of cymbals.

You (and your mates) thought, well, what is this then? This is no musical instrument. What am I supposed to do with this then? You appeared to be the laughing stock of the youthful band, relegated to the back somewhere. And yet little did you and all they know, perhaps your teacher did know, that you were fulfilling one very important aspect of the junior school band. Still to this day, percussions perform very important parts in the famous orchestral maneuvers of note.

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And so here you are. Your enthusiasm for percussions have yet to dim. Good on you. And so you still want to learn how to play the drums properly? You could do that, but you could also try out for a big band using the istanbul agop cymbals, among an entire host of other fine and classical percussion instruments. Learning how to play the cymbals, let it be known, makes you a musician of note. Being an accomplished percussionist is not to be sniffed at.  

But you still want to play the drums? Oh, you can still do that. Not only is there plenty of time, there’s plenty of opportunity for you now. As far as cymbals go, let it be known that Istanbul is one of the famous brands. And there are plenty of others too, among which you will find Wuhan, Sabian and Hammerax.